About Us

We make digital marketing strategies based on consumer behavior and creative ideas. Our specialty is creating the best and cheapest solution for your business so you can connect with consumers easily.

Why us?

With years of experience, we make sure your business achieves the desired results.

Orientation on Results

Digital marketing is useless if you don't get ROI, so we focus on performance & results.

Marketing Mindset

Digital marketing experience for years allows us to guide you about strategies that go beyond PPC.

Lifetime Support

We work long hours as needed every day to make your strategy work optimally.

Daily Check-Up

Your digital marketing performance is monitored every work day, not "several times a week" like another guys.

No Contract

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can leave anytime and take your account with you.

Quick Response

If you contact us during business hours, We guarantee our alertness to respond to you.

100% Transparent

There is nothing to hide, only total transparency when reporting and managing your marketing strategy.


Your digital assets and all data are yours if you choose to move to another manager.

Our Services

Modern marketers are expected to be versatile. Relying on the right digital marketer means saving time and preserving your resources.

Facebook Ads

If you don't know how to start or have problems advertising with Facebook, let us help and get more conversions without increasing CPC / CPA.

Instagram Ads

Reach your potential customers on the best growing social media! Whatever your product, Instagram is the right media to grow Brand Awareness.

Google Ads

Show your product in the top search results! 80% of people who search via Google are those who are ready to buy a product.

Website Development

Your website looks OLDER and wants to be fixed? Or don't even have a website? In fact, websites are very important in this digital era! With a website, of course your business will be more trustworthy!

Product Photography

98% of purchasing decisions by product photo! Showcase your products in an attractive way and entice potential buyers to purchase.

Digital Advertising

Want to get our services all in? Find our advertising package that suits your business need!

Choose your plan

We can recommend packages according to your business needs.

Our notable clients

Creating a happier world. So far we made them happy with our work.
adi tv jogja
sf group
byebackpain research institute
inbody indonesia
chicken hut
otw kave
semesta - your bag maker
adi tv
sf group
byebackpain research institute
inbody indonesia
chicken hut
otw kave
semesta - your bag maker

What they say about us

InBody Indonesia

Ms. Gloria
President Director of InBody Indonesia

Juan ADS is the right place to research, plan, execute, evaluate and optimize digital marketing strategy for InBody Indonesia.
SF Group

Neil Cornellius
Chief Executive Officer of SF Group

No doubt. Our company only needs a Facebook ads specialist and they provide more than that.
OTW Kave Solo

Owner of OTW Kave

Juan's ADS helped us test the funnel on Facebook very precisely. If your business needs someone who has high analytical skills, Juan's ADS is the right place!